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Surefunk Started DJing at the age of twelve months, when two aunts accidentally bought him the same Fisher Price Record Player Music Box for his birthday - his mixes of Hickery Dickery Dock and Edelweiss were legendary at his East London nursery. Also a keen musician and songwriter Surefunk is an all-round entertainer, with a great microphone manner and a larger than life stage presence.

Ricky Martini Started DJing in the eighties whilst working as a youth leader. He will DJ any time, any place, any where........ dressed as anything .... for he is also the Mystery DJ - the DJ of a thousand faces. A huge Aqua fan - Ricky Martini is also a specialist in childrens’ entertainment.


Mo Pulse Started DJing in 1995 whilst at University. On his return from a DJing trip to Strasbourg where he and Froth injected some culture into the lives of some young French and German people (have you ever heard German rap music?) he helped form the Big Throbbin’ Sound Machine. Seven years on - he’s still lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it!


DJ Froth Well known on the N29 circuit for his human beat-box renditions of fishy on a dishy, Froth is currently taking a break from DJing and concentrating on his singing and dancing career as a member of geordie boy-band ‘Top Totty’. His last words to us were ‘I’ll be back!’ - so watch this space.


DJ Night Fever So called because of his uncanny resemblance to John Travolta. With over twenty years experience Night Fever’s boyish good-looks are matched by his superb microphone manner and ability to read the crowd. An all round entertainer who appeals to all ages, Night Fever is also a great childrens’ entertainer.



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